Although born in London, Evelyn was sent to school in Bath at the end of the last War and that is where her love of writing began, when she wrote long letters to her parents each week, which she describes as being instalments of a never-ending story.

She spent her early years in Somerset, married a farmer’s son, and settled in the Cathedral City of Wells, where she worked in the local branch of Lloyds Bank.  By that time her husband had moved on from farming and went into the retail trade with C & J Clark, the Quaker Shoemaking family in Street, Somerset.  This entailed moving around the country and finally settling in Wimborne, Dorset, where her daughter, Belinda was born.

In the early 1970’s, when her husband was moved to Colchester, Evelyn began her legal career, and after retiring from a busy life as a Legal Executive in the City, she started writing a regular monthly cookery article for a regional magazine in Somerset and contributed to overseas publications.

She edited Lavenham’s Parish Magazine for six years and helped her husband run the bookstall and gift shop in Lavenham Church until he retired this year, between them and their volunteers they made £340,000 for church funds in 11 years,  with just two tables to serve from.

This book, ‘Another Step Into My Kitchen’, is Evelyn’s fourth cookery book, and her other three cook books are, the ever popular ‘Lavenham Church Cookbook’, which has recipes from celebrities and people living in Lavenham village, ‘My Kind of People, My Kind of Cooking’, and ‘Step Into My Kitchen Through the Year’.

she also writes for the Somerset Guardian and free lances for the Cumbria Magazine, and overseas magazines.

FAST FORWARD….FROM 2008 TO 2019…….much has happened in Evelyn’s life since 2008, Cyril and Evelyn downsized from their home in Lavenham in 2010 and moved to Wimbotsham in Norfolk, where they both spent a very happy year there, sadly Cyril died in 2011 and Evelyn moved to St Leonards in Hampshire, where she spent 2 happy years but did not feel settled.  She decided to return to Lavenham where she had spent 20 very happy years with her husband.  She often says ‘how true the saying is, never go back’, when after 2 years living in Lavenham, far from settled and happy, her daughter Belinda, persuaded her to move nearer to her in the South, and she is now living in Melksham in Wiltshire, where she says its like coming home as Wiltshire is a county near Somerset, where Evelyn spent her early years, going to school in Bath and living in the small village of Paulton.  She still writes, and is currently writing a book called ‘Be Careful What You Wish for’ and hopes to write a regular monthly cookery article in a local newspaper.